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Design Notes

Sep 11, 2015

For more, go to Follow +FranciscoFranco: ___ The first episode of Design Notes is all about Focus with guest Francisco Franco! Focus is a gallery app available from the Play Store developed by Francisco and designed by me. Francisco is also behind the popular Franco Kernel (and its supporting app) as well as other apps for power users. Here's a brief rundown of some of the things we talked about: - Welcome to Design Notes - Presenting (and receiving) initial designs - - Knowing when designs aren't feasible - - Breaking down features to come up with design iterations - Thoughts on theming up to and beyond dark mode - Our favorite aspects of Focus (design and development) - User requests and making decisions for the product - - Technology is magic - - Going with your gut - - Unforeseen problems - Complicated math: Comparing concept with completion - Don't freak out - Hacking complex animations - Material design spec - - Where are the links? - - Material design on every platform - - Random car honking in the background - More about Focus